Reason #1: I am a modern feminist
I truly believe that women are capable of achieving much more than our current male-dominated society allows them to.

In many areas we can even be better than men.

And I also truly believe that true feminism and support for women starts at home.

My family is therefore matriarchal, unlike most families today, with the exception of course of raising children, where we are 50-50, because children need to have an equal amount of input and views of the world from both genders.

Reason #2: I enjoy the freedom
From the point of view of society, it is completely normal for a man to find a lover, to keep his wife at home with the children and go on a business trip with his secretary or to “hunt” with his friends at night out, while his wife takes care of the household. Half of the relationships around work like this.

Submissive women accept husband mistresses and nights out to maintain a functional family.

In my house is exactly the opposite.

I am the one who has a lover, I am the one who goes out to “hunt”, my partner respects that and when I go out, he is the one who stays home to take care of the household.

He’s the one who needs to prove me daily that his worth my love because he knows I have the options.

Reason #3: I like fun
It’s simple. More men around me = more fun 🙂 Nick tries to compete with my lovers, that’s fun too! Sperm Wars is a real thing! 🙂

Reason #4: I like contrasts
On the one hand, I am a feminist at home and we live in a matriarchy relationship, on the other hand, with a dominant lover, I act like a whore, turn off my dominant side and completely surrender and submit to the lover. So I compensate the male dominant side with my lovers.

Reason #5: My partner is happier
While Nick had complete freedom and lived his male privilege life, he often ended up suffering. Nick has a strong submissive/feminine side that when not satisfied makes him lost and unhappy.

By having to obey at home because I have a bigger dick than him, his submissive side is satisfied and he can use his natural dominant side outside our home (at work for example), because of this his performance is much better.

Reason #6: I want to be in control
Most women want to be in control. But nearly zero of them actually have things under control because their partner’s ego won’t let them. Most women are happy when they are in control.