I just read a cuckold whining on a discussion board that his wife doesn’t want to do some sexual practices with him while she does them with her lover.

In his case, it was anal sex, threesomes or sex in public.

Guys, if you’re in the Cuckold role, you have to accept something called the Big Dick Energy.

An alpha male with a big dick will always have more options and privileges and will get more from a woman than a cuckold with a small or average penis.

Big Dick Energy is the real thing.

A well-endowed lover just makes me more sexually attracted and I enjoy it more. He makes me more sexually satisfied too. If he also has a great body, it’s just perfect!

I just want to be fucked like a whore by him and I want him to do whatever he wants with me.

On the other hand, when such a man satisfies me perfectly and then my Cuckold comes whining that he wants anal too or for me to swallow his cum like I do with my Bull… no thanks.

I don’t have need to be fucked in threesome with a Cuckold. I want my experienced and confident lover fuck me in front of another girl so we both enjoy his big fact cock together.

There is nothing malicious on my part, nor do I mean it badly, but Big Dick Energy can work wonders with a woman, sorry!

After all, that’s the reason my Cuckold wants me to have a lover, right?

So, stick your little dick (probably locked in a chastity device) in your panties and let your Hotwife have great sex with her lover, whatever they do together.

Be proud of your Hotwife and thank her lover for doing so wonderful job.