I’m not a dominatrix and we don’t have any particular relationship with BDSM either, but what suits me is living in a Female Led Relationship and constantly making my partner better thanks to the fact that I’m in control.

Thanks to the chastity device and my strict control, I got Nick off his obsession with masturbation and helped him get rid of his porn addiction.

I strongly believe that a man who tends to be submissive to a woman is only satisfied when his submissiveness is fulfilled by a woman’s approach.

That’s why I’m an advocate of consistently training (i.e. making him better) the primary submissive male partner, which is pretty common in FLR.

Orgasm or in general any stimulation of a submissive man’s penis must be a well-deserved reward.

Therefore, The Release Rule applies in my household.

It works very simply.

  1. Nick can ask me once a day to unlock his chastity device so he can jerk-off.
  2. But first, he has to do something for me upfront, to deserve it. He usually gets a list of household chores which keeps him busy for a few hours. I often include massage (for me), bath, shopping and cooking among his tasks. Sometimes my (girl)friends need help with something, so I’ll add it to the list and I borrow him to her.
  3. When he finishes the job, it’s up to me whether I unlock him and allow him to satisfy himself or not.
  4. After completing his tasks, once he believes he will get his release, I often add more tasks to his list.
  5. Out of 10 cases, I will unlock his chastity device in 3, maybe 4 cases only, after he successfully completes all the tasks. Otherwise I just tell him “I don’t feel like unlocking you today, but you can try again tomorrow”.

And that’s it.

Yes, it might be cruel for someone, but it’s and effective training and it works really good.

First of all, it enforces your authority.

Your submissive partner needs to regularly feel that you are in charge and this is the best way to achieve it.

I often use The Release Rule when I am with my lover. While we are in the bedroom together, Nick is cleaning the house or the car or has other tasks to occupy him.

Since he is busy, he doesn’t bother us by wanting to watch too much.

Here are some of the long-term positive aspects of The Release Rule:

  • You teach your partner that his sexual satisfaction is not your obligation but simply a reward.
  • You will discharge his excess beta male sexual energy through physical activity, so he will be less needy, less jealous and less stressed.
  • You are indirectly teaching him to voluntarily ask you for the tasks you need him to do.
  • You satisfy his inner submissive side. After he does everything you want him to do for you, he will feel amazing because he has fulfilled your requests.
  • You teach him to respect your decisions and needs without unnecessary resistance and disagreement from his side.
  • You always have a clean house for free