After 5 years of using a chastity device, Nick and I decided to take his celibacy to the next level.

My lover visits us at least twice a week, which means very limited opportunities for Nick to have sex with me.

However, due to hormonal changes in his body (read more in the article: The Sperm Wars!), he is constantly horny and needs to empty his balls.

Often I let him soften me and I just unlock him, we have quick sex or he jerks off his dick in front of me.

However, it is a completely unnecessary act.

Momentary temporary gratification will cause Nick just a bad mood, a drop in interest, he will stop trying to satisfy my needs, he is more apathetic, tired and bored.

And all this just for a few minutes of pleasure…

We decided together to at least partially eliminate these unnecessary situations with a small change.

Traditionally, the holder of the key to the chastity cage is a woman: the cuckold’s girlfriend or wife.

But I want to take advantage of the fact that my lover visits me regularly during the week. As a male he has more discipline than I do.

So, basically, some days he will take the key to Nick’s chastity cage home with him. And that’s it.

I know it’s cruel that another man is keeping my husband celibate, but it’s for Nick’s sake and for the sake of our relationship.

I love Nick more than anything and he will always be my man but at the same time I want him to be my good boy and the way to achieve that is through his submissiveness.

I recommend starting to mention this idea to your partner as soon as possible, as a possibility in the future, to get him used to it before you actually make it happen with your lover.

It’s a win-win for all of you:

  • For you, because your lover will take care of the discipline of your partner and will train him for greater freedom in your relationship
  • For your partner, because he will be more calm when he knows that he no longer has any control over the key and he needs to submit to alpha male to have his release
  • For your lover, because dominating another man is every Bull’s dream

Sex with your lover will be much more intense, wilder and animalistic, maybe more romantic and deeper, because he will feel great that he is in control of the situation and you and your partner will submit to him.

It’s a good idea also to give your lover some ideas what you want to achieve with your Cuckold, so your lover can give him some tasks or goals and train him for you.