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Permanent chastity?

Wearing a chastity device permanently just doesn’t work, and that’s not its purpose either.

Long-term? Yes, for sure!

Permanently? Like 24/7/365? Not possible.

The most important thing is to determine the reason for wearing a chastity device.

For us, it is a psychological effect of handing over control, and another important reason is to get rid of my partner’s unwanted and unnecessary orgasms, which lead to his apathy and depression. And the third reason is Nicks sexual submission to my current lovers. Yes, long-term chastity will make your partner submissive to another males too.

The chastity device will never work 100%, but after a while your partner will get used to the fact that even if he is not currently locked, he will not masturbate, because he is simply not used to it anymore.

There have been several times that Nick has admitted to me in such a weak moment that he feels like doing it behind my back and then it was up to me to allow him to do it or not.

Your partner’s good behaviours training is an important part of Female Led Relationship.


Why he needs strict chastity even if he is disciplined


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    Please write more, this is very hot and informative

    • Thank you!

      Our blog and social account was hacked so I lost lots of my blog and social posts unfortunately.

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