The Sperm Wars is proven scientific theory and it’s pretty awesome.

First of all, only a tiny fraction of the sperm that man ejaculate are necessary for fertilization. The rest of his sperm focus on destroying other men’s sperm for fertilizing woman.

Males appear capable of adjusting the number and quality of sperm ejaculated, depending on the perceived levels of sperm competition (i.e. other men around Hotwife).

Baker (author of the theory) also proposes that men adjust the amount of sperm they ejaculate based on the time their mate has spent away from them with another mates.

Since the amount and the vitality of our sperm is created by our sexual arousal, men evolved to become very aroused in the presence of competition for their women, so that they could maximize the fertilizing potential of their own sperm.

His testicles will spring into action and produce as many hundred million warrior sperm, blockers and inseminators as they can.

The result is that the man has a much stronger erection, more copious ejaculate and a more intensely pleasurable orgasm than usual.

Studies have shown that a husband’s sperm count significantly rises when his wife is away for a few days, as little as 7 – 10 days, even if he’s ejaculated as much as he normally does during her absence.

When she goes out with her lovers can send that urgent telegram of arousal to a man’s balls to assemble the army, so he’s hot, hard and ready to jump her bones.

This tends to happen whether the man is insanely jealous or filled with sweet compersion.

And yes, the more he is in a role where he cannot compete with other men, the more his body produces strong sperm in large quantities.

(By the way, the shape of the penis and the thrusting during intercourse serve to remove other men’s semen from your body.)

Many couples who are in a Hotwife Cuckold relationship get pregnant with their Cuckold after a few months of dating their lovers.

So, yeah, if you want to get pregnant, have a long-term relationship with your lover, date occasionally other guys just for fun and after few months of sexual denial of your Cuckold leave with your lover on 7 or 10 days vacation.

If not, just enjoy their competition!