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What Does Our Female Led Relationship Relationship Look Like?

We often get the same question: what does our Female Led Relationship (FLR) look like?

First of all, I want to point out that every couple and every person is different. What works or suits us may not be the same as what suits you.

FLR generally has some basic requirements, but the dynamics of every FLR relationship will always be different because we all live our lives a little differently and have different demands and needs.

Nick and I apply FLR rules primarily in social life and sex life. In no case would we push these boundaries further, for example into work or family (although sometimes social and sexual life can be closely related to these areas).

In all areas where I am in charge, the basic rule applies:

I don’t ask. I just simply announce.

Newbie Hotwives make a common mistake: they are taught to ask their partner to do something. They tend to ask if he wants to do the task. Unwillingly, they actually put the decision in the hands of their submissive partner.

Your partner expects the exact opposite approach – he wants you to tell himwhat to do and not to discuss it with him.

An important psychological effect: when you want to tell him what his tasks are, call him to you. Don’t go to him, let him come to you. Call him like he’s your little puppy.

Some examples:

1. “Honey, I’m going out with the girls tonight, here’s your to-do list, I want it done by the time I get back.”.

2. “I want to go out for dinner and drinks with Lucas today and we want the house clean before we get back.

3. “On Saturday, you’ll take me to my parents and you’ll come home, clean the house and wash all the clothes in the basket. I’ll also prepare some clothes for you to iron. I’ll come back in the evening, Lucas will pick me up and take me home, by then I want you to have everything done.

In our case, the Female Led Relationship mainly includes the following areas.

Sex life

Since Nick is locked in a chastity device for a good part of the year, I make the decisions about our sex life.

When, with whom and how often I will have sex is entirely my decision.

It is also my decision if and when Nick will have an orgasm or sexual stimulation.

So yes, absolutely no jerking off or porn in our house. Never. Ewww.

Nick can ask me to unlock the chastity device at any time and can also beg me for sexual release, but in most cases the answer is “no” and he has to respect that. (We have created a special Release Rule for these situations, which I will definitely write about in one of the next posts.)

Social life

I decide what social situations we will participate in and what program we will have together as well as individually.

Of course, Nick can suggest anything or tell me his opinion, but I have the decisive right and he has to submit to it.

The need to be in control of our social life comes from the fact that I have to divide my time between family, friends, lovers and partner, and the last thing I need is for my husband to complicate it.

Almost every time I attend a social event by myself (a night out with the girls, a date or dinner with a lover), Nick gets a bunch of tasks, which brings us to the next area where I have full control as well…

Household chores

Household chores are great!

Lol, I know, no one ever said that actually.

But, in my household all the chores are done by Nick, so they’re great because I don’t have to do them, and they’re also the perfect activity to fill Nick’s free time when I’m out with friends or lovers.

Chores are also great if you want to train your partner.

It can be strange for an inexperienced Hotwife, but just ask yourself the question:

“How to use his energy and time in the most effective way?”

Is it a good idea to let him watch porn and jerk-off his dick?

Is it a good idea to give him free time to think about what I’m doing while I’m out with my lover, so he will be afraid and feel anxious? 

Nah, I’ll just give him a job that will keep him busy, he won’t have time to think, and he’ll do a lot of work for me.

He often finishes his tasks when my Bull and I are already home from a date.

He can only watch us fuck when he has completed all of his tasks…


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