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Why he needs strict chastity even if he is disciplined

The answer to this question is actually simple.

Chastity device and strict celibacy for a submissive man and especially for a Cuckold means:

  • the feeling of a firm hand over him, which guides him and does not allow him to make a mistake in a weak moment (in other words, no unwanted masturbation)
  • a balanced level of hormones (controlled celibacy even leads to increased sperm quality and therefore higher potency)
  • the feeling that he belongs to someone and that someone has control over him
  • his focus will be on important things, not on his dick
  • it tames the male ego very effectively
  • devotion and obedience to you

Negative aspects? None 🙂

If your partner once agreed or fantasized about chastity, there is no reason for him to live without it.

Actually… without chastity, a submissive man or cuckold is incomplete and will always feel worse than when his partner is in full control of his orgasm.


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Permanent chastity?


  1. Subkev

    Thank you for your blog, I just discovered it and have loved reading it! I wanted to ask on this point, my wife and I have experimented with chastity in the past and I have several devices. However I do not find long term wear the most practical, and challenging to do without being seen and a bit painful (difficult to, for example, go to the gym at work and shower afterwards), do you have any advice at all? We have experimented with feminising (wearing panties) and I think that probably gives the same (but less powerful) effect (reminder of being owned, reminder that my cock is useless / unwanted) but clearly less powerful than being locked (possibly more discreet however), interested in your thoughts on approach?

    • Great question.

      Wearing a chastity device permanently just doesn’t work, and that’s not its purpose either.

      The most important thing is to determine the reason for wearing a chastity device. For us, it is a psychological effect of handing over control, and another important reason is to get rid of my partner’s unwanted and unnecessary orgasms, which lead to his apathy and depression.

      The chastity device will never work 100%, but after a while the man will get used to the fact that even if he is not currently locked, he will not masturbate, because he is simply not used to it anymore.

      There have been several times that Nick has admitted to me in such a weak moment that he feels like doing it and then it was up to me to allow him to do it or not.

      Training is an important part of FLR.

  2. Subkev

    Thank you ever so much for taking the time to respond, your thoughts are very helpful! Your posts are very hot and Im sure I will be visiting your site an awful lot! I love the post on your lover holding Nick’s chastity key too. This struck a chord as this has been a very long standing fantasy of mine and one that never fails to intensely arouse…the thought of being sent to her lover’s house to complete tasks (cleaning etc) while he pleases her in our bed… or him coming to ours with a bag of laundry for me to do, while he has my key handed to him by her, and takes her upstairs for a great time for them both… and he checks my work afterwards, or he explains to me why with a small cock like mine I don’t need to cum once I get the courage to ask him to be let out…oh my the possibilities…my knees feel weak just thinking about it! Anyway, thanks again!

    • Thank you for your comment!

      I will publish update of our current situation soon.

      We are not that deep into Nick serving our lover, it’s more subtle than that.

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