So first of all, what is FLR?

Female Led Relationship.

It can take many forms, because every couple dynamics is different, but generally it is a type of relationship where the sex life, social life and household are under the control of the woman and her partner submits to her decisions in these areas.

Freedom is very important to Hotwife, and with that comes control over her social life. Since she has to divide her time between partner, lover, family and friends, Cuckold sooner or later has to accept his submission.

She also needs a lot of free time to catch up on all these things, and that’s where she takes control of the household and chores to fill Cuckold’s free time while freeing up time for herself.

It takes months or years even for Cuckold to fully submit to his Hotwife, but sooner or later, he will. So it’s a good ide to not to push his buttons too much on the beginning and have a lots of patience with him.

A cuckold is a great and loyal partner by nature, he is a great provider and care-taker, often busy and successful man, so it is not unusual for a Hotwife to use her primary partner as a money maker, let him take care of the household and use him as babysitter while spending time with her friends and her lovers.

What most of the newbie Hotwives forget is that their partner WANTS to be cuckolded and dominated. He wants a real experience. Being soft and sensitive is not appropriate in this case.

A cuckold needs to feel that you are in full control of the situation and that you know what you want. He doesn’t want to feel your hesitation, uncertainty or weaknesses…

Hotwife usually doesn’t want to use her partner for her advantage but that’s exactly what Cuckold wants: he wants to feel used.

The first necessary step is to propose an FLR to your partner.

Darling, I want to try something called FLR. I want to have more control in our relationship. For you, this means that you will get assignments from me and have some household duties. But you don’t have to worry. You will help me a lot and I will have more free time. For example, to spend time with a lover. You’ll help me with that, won’t you?

He will probably be horny, surprised and embarrassed by this, and for that reason he will definitely agree.

As I have written in blog posts and our newsletter many times before, Cuckold needs clear orders, tasks, goals and structure. He doesn’t want to be asked to do things for you. He wants to be forced to obey you.

In the beginning he will test your power and your boundaries. He will probably refuse to obey your orders to see if you really stand for what you want. He want’s to feel your true strenght.

If he’s stubborn or disobedient, the best advice is to stay calm and don’t get emotional with him. Just repeat your request as a command.

Again, he wan’ts to feel your strength.

Let him kneel before you, while he takes your commands.

It is virtually impossible for him to disobey your orders or protests against something while kneeling in front of you (with an weird erection propably).

The whole training takes time.

Don’t push his buttons too much.

But you need to push him over the comfort zone a little bit more each time.